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Natural Essence Soap Company

Handcrafted and Organic!

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About Our Owner

Doris Bennett is the owner of Natural Essence Soap Company in Arden, North Carolina. She worked in the healthcare industry as a medical assistance counselor for over 20 years. However, as a soap maker and a grandmother, her first love and her passion have always been making handcrafted soap and skincare products.

As a child, Doris used to watch her mother craft homemade items for the family, from soaps, lotions, ointments, salves, candles, shampoo, and even food like jellies, apple butter, and wine. Through the beautiful memories she had with her mother, she too began making homemade skincare and bath products.

After ending up in the emergency room due to angio edema because of store-bought products, Doris started using handcrafted items for her family. She used only the finest organic ingredients in making her products, which she then infused with natural essential oils.

Our Mission and Vision


To create a brand of handcrafted bath and body products that are healthy, pure, nourishing, and natural from the ingredients of the earth.


To promote healthy skincare products for everyone that doesn't cause negative skin reaction.

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